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Vitebsk International Competition of Modern Choreography

24-27 November


Gun Lund and E=mc2 Dance travel to Vitebsk in Belarus to guestplay with the work Ice Angels.

The festival Vitebsk International Competition of Modern Choreography take place on the

 24-27 of november 2016


Ice Angels

Choreography: Gun Lund

Dancers: Gunilla Jansson, Olof Persson and Åsa Thegerström


With support from the Swedish Institute




19 november kl 14:00



Staffan Svensson, one of swedens finest trumpet players, has been a leading name on the scandinavian and european jazz scene for a couple of decades now.

 Gun Lund of E=mc2 Dance, together with Staffan, in an improvisation piece in the japanese stone garden at

3:e våningen.


The music and the dance will seek Its shape in conversation with the stones and the meditative sakuteiki landscape.


Staffans Homepage: www.staffansvensson.com


Dance Performance at Kontsvågen Öckerö 6-7 August 2016


On the island of Burö in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg Gun Lund  will perform a solo from the work Capsulae. The performance is staged on the rocks, by the waterside, and deals with the themes of the hidden, the dreamt and the inner self.


The program on the island also includes a dance performance by Olof Persson. Konstvågen Öckerö is an annual event comprising open Artist studios.



Location: Burö, Öckerö kommun


Dates and times: Saturday 6 August and Sunday 7 August, at 2 pm and 4 pm


Duration: The visit to the performing site takes approx an hour


Free admission, boat transfer from Hälsö half an hour before the performance


Full program of the artist weekend Konstvågen, Öckerö kommun here



The Choreographer Gun Lund has been appointed member of the jury for The Solo Dance Contest at the Gdansk Dance Festival 2016


This contest is open for dancers of contemporary dance/contemporary ballet who have a documented artistic activity or are professional dancers with a diploma.


It is open to contemporary dance artists from the European countries.


Solo pieces will be judged by a well renowned international jury. The Festival takes place June 8-12  2016


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A performance about identity and surface, about roles and independence, about daring to follow your own path while at the same time being part of a group.


Emballage plays with the images of our selves, our outer characteristics, the way we try out our different shells, try out our appearances through movement, attitude, clothing, style. Emballage is a poetic image of real life, an expression of the uncertainty in the world of young people.


Emballage is the first performance in a new series for the younger audiences.


Choreography and staging: Gunilla Jansson

Dancers: Luisa Denward, Gunilla Jansson, Hanna Karlsson, Lovisa Baldal / Åsa Thegerström

Music: Jean-Louis Huhta

Lighting design: Finn Pettersson

Video projections: Lars Persson

Costume design: Gunilla Jansson

Production: E=mc2 Dance

Duration: ca 50 minutes


Premiere 18 March 2016 at 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg.


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Gun Lund and E=mc2 Dance create wondrous landscapes to exquisite music by guitar duo The Gothenburg Combo


Gun Lund expands this musical universe by filling sounding, luminous rooms with movement. Dancers Gunilla Jansson, Olof Persson, Åsa Thegerström and Gun Lund herself share these rooms with musicians David Hansson and Thomas Hansy, and invite the audience to an atmospheric journey over the seven continents.


"The guitar, probably the most nomadic instrument in the world, becomes not only voice but also body in this beautiful staging. And the choreography is exemplary in its restraint, at times one thinks of Birgit Åkesson and Merce Cunningham..." - Dagens Nyheter


Premiere 13 November 2015 at 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg.


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E=mc2 Dance join forces with Gageego!, ensemble for contemporary music, in the creation of a spectacular danced concert!


We enter an arena where two grand pianos, a vibraphone and a marimba are fixed points, while four dancers are mobile elements. The spectator seats surround the stage, offering a closeness in both visual and audial experience. Luciano Berio’s Linea is a strict, wild and curious composition, originally conceived for dance. Victor Varela’s Linear Dances follows and creates a dialogue with the Berio piece. The dancer’s patterns start off in circular motions, with rotations clockwise and counter clockwise succeeding each other. Lines in the music find their parallel equivalent in the choreographic form and expression, and successively lines emerge even on the floor…


Music: Linea by Luciano Berio, Linear Dances by Victor Varela, Ricambi by Lars Sandberg

Choreography and staging: Gun Lund

Performers: Gageego! and Emc2 Dance


Premiere 18 September 2015 at 3:e Våningen Gothenburg.


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