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Gun Lund, E=mc2 Danskonst, E=mc2 Dance


Photo: Lisa Alm

Place, time and space – the Artistic Universe of Gun Lund and E=mc2 Dance

Gun Lund is famous for breathtaking site specifics and for a wide range of innovative work for the stage and other spaces. For more than 30 years she has been at the forefront of Swedish dance.


Beauty and elegance as well as spatial sensibility and cleverness in composition, are fundamental aspects of Gun Lund’s artistic work. Her ideas and expressions are consistent, and have “a unique lightness and ephemeral elegance” according to a Swedish critic.


Changing the perspectives of audiences and questioning the perception and reality we take for granted has been her special topic, along with an exploration of links between science and art. Under the label E=mc2 Dance she has developed a collaboration with Lars Persson, a Medical Doctor and her partner in life. Together they create works based on physical and physiological phenomena and invent new technology for their performances. They both have a Masters Degree in Art and Technology from Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg.


Collaborations with leading visual artists, lighting designers, composers and musicians have been a given, and an extra driving force since the beginning. Many of the dancers have been working with Gun Lund for about 20 years, meanwhile some dancers are quite new to the context of E=mc2 Dance. This lends a dynamic blend of characters, experience and youth to the projects and productions.


Gun Lund is always seeking the ultimate space or site for her choreographic ideas. This leads E=mc2 Dance to exciting places, sometimes never before imagined for dance. It also contributes to a diversity of possibilities – the repertoire includes small solos up to large-scale performances, most often adaptable and suitable for many kinds of stages and spaces.


In addition to creating for E=mc2 Dance, Gun Lund and Lars Persson along with Olof Persson are the artistic directors of dance and art venue 3:e Våningen (The 3rd Floor). Located in an old sugar refinery at the harbour entrance of Göteborg, an area filled with artists and creative businesses, this is a perfect place to invite other choreographers and dancers to develop and perform their work. Collaborations and exchanges are of particular interest to E=mc2 Dance and 3:e Våningen. The possibilities are manifold with the black box stage (seating 45-50 people), the adjacent dance studio and the white exhibition space where visual art, concerts, performances etc. take place.


Welcome to contact us, visit us, discuss new and repertory dance productions and potential collaborations!




E=mc2 Dance receives support from: the Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Cultural Committee City of Göteborg, Cultural Affairs Region Västra Götaland



Gun Lund was one of the first to be awarded the Dance Prize of Swedish Theatre Critics (2006), an honour she shares with Mats Ek and Kenneth Kvarnström, among others. She also holds a lifetime award from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee for her “high quality and great importance in Swedish cultural life”.




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