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Düsseldorff 29 aug - 1 Sept


Gun Lund of E=mc2 Dance has been choosen to present her work at Internationales Tanzmesse.

Internationales Tanzmesse takes place in Düsseldorf 29th august - 1 september and It ´s one of the largest meeting points for the dance art community in the world. The coreographer Gun Lund has been choosen to present her work with Dance & Technology – Good Vibrations & Digital Footprints of Dance


The art directors of Tanzmesse choosed between 600 applications


See you there!!




 Sorry non-swedish speaking readers but this text is only in swedish

Rytmens estetik, formens kraft

Verk / studie för doktorsavhandling av Lena Hopsch, Chalmers Arkitektur

Idé Lena Hopsch Koreografi och dans Gun Lund. Inspelad på Burö (2006)

Videofilm o foto: Mikael Hopsch


”I skulptur är nästan tomrummet det viktigaste”



Till minne av


LENA HOPSCH 1961 - 2017


Skulptören och arkitekturforskaren Lena Hopsch tog sig an det inte helt lätta arbetet att utforska rytmen som begrepp inom arkitektur och skulptur. Rytm som betydelsefull faktor inom musik och diktning är relativt väl vetenskapligt dokumenterad. Hennes doktorsavhandling utforskade rytm, rymd och form i arkitektur och skulptur. Kroppens fenomenologi såsom den beskrevs av Merleau-Ponty - kroppens upplevelse av rum och rymd genom sinnena var en viktig utgångspunkt i hennes arbete. Steget, fotens kontakt med golvet och kroppens rörelse i rummet fascinerade henne och människor med professionell erfarenhet av detta utgjorde en bas i hennes undersökande arbete - här ingick såväl lindans som koreografi.


Under många år samarbetade Lena Hopsch och koreografen Gun Lund i undervisningsprojekt med arkitekturstudenter. Gunnar Asplunds Rådhus i Göteborg var ett återkommande objekt i detta arbete.


- Den öppna piazzan (i Rådhuset), som tillsammans med balkongerna, trapporna och den rörliga hissen skapar olika tempo i arkitekturen. Även relationen till gården utanför bidrar, liksom flödet av rörelser i byggnaden, säger Lena Hopsch i en intervju i tidskriften RUM 2015.

- Den är som en stor rörelsemaskin, väldigt koreografisk. För mig är den oerhört skulptural. Och samtidigt är det väldigt bra arkitektur.


I forskningen kring rytm o form var blev också relationen mellan kroppen och den skulpturala formen tydliggjord. Eller som Lena Hopsch säger i intervjun:


– Skulptur kännetecknas av en relation mellan kroppen och objektet, eller rummet. Och det senare gäller ju även arkitektur, så de ligger väldigt nära varandra. Likheten mellan arkitektur och skulptur ligger i kompositionen – i rumssekvenser, och i delarnas relation till varandra.


– Även form och rymd förenar, för båda måste förhålla sig till rummet som rymd. I skulptur är nästan tomrummet det allra viktigaste. Det är det som skapar spänning i relation till formen, säger hon, och avslutar: – Men skulpturen måste också ha sin frihet i rummet, så att man inte dödar den. För relationen mellan arkitektur och skulptur är som ett samtal mellan två människor. Det är en dialog, inte en monolog.




   / Lars Persson



Premier at 3:e Våningen 30 November 2017


Can an ordinary stage room become a new and unexpected setting for a dance performance? Yes, If you like the coreographer Gun Lund been a nomadic wanderer. Since the 80s she has been part of the movement that has conquered the public space with big, renowned, dance works.


With the new work ”Fields in Motion” she ties together experiences from the work in the public space and nature. This work has a deep connection with the artist Robert Smithson´s concept of site and non-site. Site is a place outside the gallery and the later an embodiment and a documentation inside the gallery


Here the terms site and non-site change place. The different spatiality creates a new and exciting experience. The coreographer is used to draw long lines in the open landscape, here she creates a concentration and a densifiying effect instead. With 7 dancers on stage, there are big possibilities in creating shapes, lines and structures. The picture is abstract, but still it represents an actual site. The result is surprising. ”Fields in Motion” is a work in an urban context.



WHEN?     30 NOVEMBER and 1, 8, 9 DECEMBER


WHERE?   3e våningen  3rd floor - Dance and Art Space

                   600 sqm dedicated to Dance - Studio, DanceVenue, Exhibition Hall, Dance Library/Archive.

                   SOCKERBRUKET 9, GÖTEBORG    (Tram  3 or 9 to Vagnhallen Majorna, 3 min walk towards

                   Röda Sten Art Hall.




Dancework / Art installation at Konstvågen

Öckerö 5-6 August 2017


Many of Gun Lunds works are site specific and have been compared with Live Sculpture and Visual Art. The site or the space is inhabited with Dance and the process is open for the audience to experience. Artists as Robert Smithson, James Turell and Bill Viola have been an inspiration though they are not dancers.

It is natural for Gun Lund to participate and give Dance a place in exhibitions and events together with other art forms. Since 2015 she has presented her works at Konstvågen - The Art Wave - an annual event in the Archipelago north of Göteborg. On the small island Burö people have been able to enjoy Dance on the rocks.

This year the audience can watch a Dancework / Art Installation from Burö Ferry Quay.


  • Performance at 1400h & 1600h Saturday and Sunday August 5 & 6   2017
  • Free Admission. Welcome!



KONSTVÅGEN: http://www.ockero.se/konstvagen

Digital Footprints of Dance - new movements in Technology

Exclusive Preview at 3:e Våningen

16th of June at 20:00


The Choreographer Gun Lund, pioneer of Swedish Contemporary Dance based in Göteborg will present her new interactive.


For many years we have had a great interest in Dance and it´s Artistic and Technological counterparts. Dance is deeply rooted in our bodies, but the bodies are always interacting with the surrounding World, the Space, the Audiences, the intellectual Concepts and the Society…

In our work we have dwelled deeply into the the actual physiological processes - the conscious body and mind of a Choreographer meeting the knowledge of a skilled Medical Doctor.


With ”Good Vibrations” (Presented at NOFOD 2006) and ”Transmission” we developed an interactive system based on tactile communication. We clearly found that it was possible to develop new, never experienced movements when the audience was part of initiation of movements.


With ”Digital Footprints of Dance” the Dancers will be able to change and distort the space with their movements. Acceleration, Gravity, Directions in 3-Dimensional space are detected by accelerometers on their bodies. The output can modulate sound, light and video. The technology is developed together with Ideofon - Kristoffer Hagbard & Dan Henriksson.


Read more about the project here! ( In swedish  )


The Dancers will have to learn how to interact in a conscious way, thereby the interaction itself has an impact on the movements, modulating its directions, quality and energy. New moments will appear and at the same time change the world of performance, the stage or the space itself.


You are invited to experience the first moves of this radical system!


FRIDAY June 16 at 20.00h


WHERE? 3e våningen  3rd floor - Dance and Art Space

                  600 sqm dedicated to Dance - Studio, DanceVenue, Exhibition Hall, Dance Library/Archive.

                  SOCKERBRUKET 9, GÖTEBORG    (Tram  3 or 9 to Vagnhallen Majorna, 3 min walk towards

                  Röda Sten Art Hall.



Small meal and drinks will be served! The Exhibition of Julia Dault and the Library of Elsa Marianne von Rosen will be open.

On the brink of the ruin

Celebrating the International Dance Day

29th April


E=mc2 Dance will celebrate the International Dance Day with the performance "On the Brink of the Ruin" taking place in the old ruin of Gamla Älvsborg. Dancers and musicians will let this hidden and forgotten place of Gothenburg come alive for a short while in the most beautiful time of spring – when the green colours of nature are light and fresh, contrasting with the mystic remnants of the old ruin.


Read more about the performance here


And listen to when the swedish national radio interviewed Gun Lund for the occasion here


Choreography: Gun Lund in collaboration with Gunilla Jansson

Dancers: Joachim Berntsson, Rebecca Evanne, Gunilla Jansson, Hannah Karlsson,

Torun Odlöw/Helen Ridal Hultén, Adèle St-Aubin, Åsa Thegerström

Musician: Björn Synneby

Soundscape: David Sundqvist

Technicians: Finn Pettersson, Lars Persson



Sketches of the world- the seven continents

revival at 3:e Våningen

18-27th January



Sketches of the world was first premiered autumn 2015. The work was very well recieved by both the audience and the press and therefore we wanted to give more people the chance to experience this musical excursion around the seven continents of the world. With the help of The Gothenburg Combos wondrous guitar music we start our journey on the hard, icy surface of antartica, make a stop in the australian wildlife, contuinue on to Asias ingenious arabesques, and finally we end up on a sleepy town square in Al-andalus.


Read more about Sketches of the world here

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